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EMCC Community Paramedic Certificate Program
Date(s): Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - June 26, 2018
Time: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location:Program will be held via ITV.

Call or email for more details.
Cost:$2600.00 - Tuition Includes - Textbook, LMS, FISDAP, Background Check
Instructor:Dr Wilcox and Faculty
E-mail Address:communityparamedic@emcc.edu
Comments:Apply Now!

Class Description:Are you a paramedic with at least two (2) years of experience who would like to expand and enhance your career opportunities? Do you feel limited by the job opportunities available to you as a paramedic working in your area?

If so, consider enrolling in the Community Paramedic certificate program at Eastern Maine Community College, offered in partnership with WGH Group LLC and United Ambulance Service. Our Community Paramedic certification training class consists of 72 hours of classroom lecture and 72 hours of Navigate 2 Advantage Access for Community Health Paramedicine (online), and 196 clinical hours.

The Community Paramedic class is intense and requires external research and assessment in a county or large city where you will be potentially providing services as a Community Paramedic. During the clinical portion of the class you will have the opportunity to conduct advanced assessments, practice interview techniques, make patient care recommendations, use equipment, and perform suturing with preceptor approval.

Classes start Tuesday, March 20th, 2018.
General Comments:What is a Community Paramedic?
A Community Paramedic in Maine is a Maine EMS licensed paramedic who has graduated from a nationally recognized college based community paramedicine program, or possesses a nationally recognized equivalent set of training and experience. These providers may address all health care issues deemed appropriate by their primary care and EMS medical directors. Specific patient interaction will be on an episodic basis as requested by a physician.

The purpose of Community Paramedicine evolved from a need to address unmet health needs in rural and other underserved communities. It also sought to bring advanced life support to communities far from hospitals so that patients requiring critical care would be likelier to receive it. Placing a paramedic in such a community and giving them a primary care role that employed their medical skills between emergency calls might meet both needs more affordably. More recently, urban and suburban health systems have learned to employ community paramedicine services to their advantage as an integral member of community health teams in the rapidly changing health care environment.

Community Paramedic roles can include: health outreach; community health assessment and planning; wellness; health screening assessments; health teaching; providing immunizations; disease management, including a thorough understanding of monitoring diabetes, congestive heart failure and other high cost diseases and the methods and medications used to treat them; recognition of mental health issues and referral into the existing mental health care system; wound care; safety programs; and, generally functioning as physician extenders in community health teams.

Community Paramedic Program (National Standard Curriculum)
Community Paramedics will be prepared in the process of providing health services where access to physicians, clinics, or hospitals is difficult or where Community Paramedicine provides an advantageous patient care solution in the evolving health care system.

Community Paramedics work within community health teams and are trained to monitor and provide certain treatments to patients with chronic diseases and perform minor medical procedures in the patient’s home and other out of hospital settings.

In Maine, Community Paramedicine practice is limited to those areas served by an ambulance service with a Maine EMS approved Community Paramedicine program.
Class Size Limit:
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Community Paramedic Technician - (CPT)
Date(s): Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - June 19, 2018
Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Location:ITV - Various Locations Available, call for more details
Cost:$995.00 (FEE Includes - Textbook, LMS, FISDAP, Background Check, 1 Clinical Shirt)
Instructor:MobileCE Faculty
E-mail Address:education@unitedambulance.net
Comments:Program Tuition Includes: Text, LMS, FISDAP, Background Check, 1 Clinical Shirt

Program requirements:
88 total hours, 48 didactic and 40 clinical
**Must be a licensed Paramedic**
Class Description:Community Paramedic Technician (CPT):

This program is made possible with partnership of MobileCE and United Training Center.

Awards Certificate and Maine EMS CEH Credits
Connects underutilized resources to undeserved populations.

Expands the role of the paramedic (not scope) to provide health services where access to physicians, clinics, and/or hospitals is difficult or may not exist.

Exists for the the sole purpose of serving the needs of a particular community and its success relies heavily on collaboration among local stakeholders.

Follow a pre-existing care plan

Functions under the guidance of independent practice provider

To download the CPT Program Guidelines, copy this link into your browser: https://mobilece.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/CPT_Guidelines2016.pdf
General Comments:This program prepares students for career opportunities in the areas of Community Paramedicine, health prevention, health behavior, and disease prevention. Students learn a variety of skills and strategies that will provide them with necessary proficiency to improve population health in diverse settings. The program focuses on the social and behavioral determinate of health and disease across the lifespan, with a particular emphasis on health disparities. Following successful completion of 88 hours, 48 didactic and 40 clinical, graduates are qualified to assist with the planning, implementing, and evaluation of programs that address health disparities that are intended to improve the health of diverse populations.